How We Saved One Couple $190,000 in Taxes
During the Webinar Recording We Will Show You How One Couple Paid $60,000 in Taxes instead of $190,000
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What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
Topic 1: Tax Reduction
We’ll show real-life examples where we significantly reduced at retirement tax bills. This can have a dramatic effect on retirement cash flow. We’ll show you how the Garners saved $190,000 in taxes.
Topic 2: Retirement Planning
See how the Campbell’s used the LASER Fund for their retirement vacations and surprise expenses. In addition, we’ll show how Ben Coleman created $150,000 of tax-free retirement income annually using two insurance policies.
Topic 3: Strategic Rollouts
George Witt moved a portion of his assets from IRAs to the LASER Fund. Instead of only $16,000 per year, he’s able to take $50,000 per year of tax-free retirement income.
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