Learn the impact of taxes on how much you save, accumulate, and distribute during your retirement years
  • Understand why deferred taxes equal increased taxes
  • Investigate how to get a portion or all of your retirement income tax-free
  • Consider using strategic rollouts to get your taxes over and done with, then transitioning to tax-free strategies moving forward
  • Discover your three greatest opportunities for financial abundance

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Tax-Free Retirement Income
"Doug Andrew is a must hear experience. He will navigate you to financial levels beyond your run of the mill Financial Advisors."
-Daniel R.
"This seminar exceeded my expectations and truly opened my mind to financial
possibilities as well as question my current financial positions."
-Eddie M.
The information received was incredible.
It has set me up to achieve my
goals with new targets."
-Debbie C.
*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.